Girl uses sticky notes in smart office.

Smart Office 2.0: 4 ways to maximize productivity with technology

Attracting and retaining top talent is critical for success in today’s competitive digital marketplace. Advanced Smart Office 2.0 technology transforms workspaces into interactive, engaging work environments, leading to lower attrition and higher productivity across the organization.
Wi-Fi connection showed in cup

5 tips for better office-wide Wi-Fi connectivity

Poor Wi-Fi connectivity can often be more than easy to fix. Here are a few simple solutions to try out the next time you're connection gives you problems.
group meeting

Business Tech: 5 additions for an all-around better workday

Technology enables people to work faster … better … smarter. But with so many available technologies, what are the most impactful changes you can make to impact workplace productivity today? Let’s take a look at 5 technology solutions.
AT&T mobility services keeps businesses thriving.

Why AT&T mobility services: features, benefits, and challenges

In order to stay competitive, it is imperative that your business implements mobility solutions and services, such as those offered by AT&T. Not sure where to begin? Stronghold Data can help you take your enterprise to the next level today!
people looking at laptop

Your 6-step guide to reliable and healthy technology

Technology is a critical part of modern business functions. Operations depend on email, CRM software, financial data and dozens of other applications. Learn how to avoid the biggest risks to your tech with a few simple tips and tricks.
Coworkers browse the internet

Chrome tips: A 5-part guide to more efficient browsing

This guide will help you customize your internet experience using some easy on-board functions that come with Chrome. Why focus on Chrome tips specifically? While it may not have the same stranglehold that IE enjoyed in early years, Chrome is the most popular browser out there.

DIY tech tips: 4 ways to keep your technology healthy

To avoid a stagnant business, here are a few DIY tech tips and tricks to help you keep moving. No IT provider necessary.
Small toy fixes common PC issues

4 common PC issues you can fix yourself - and fast!

Facing issues with your PC can be frightening and worrisome, to say the least. Whether you're dealing with a frozen screen or a sluggish PC, all you know is that you need to remedy the issue and fast. Luckily, if you experience one of these 4 common PC issues, you can likely fix them yourself — here's how!
TIps to use Windows 10 for better work productivity

3 Windows 10 tips for a better workday

We’re big fans of Windows 10 because it has a variety of innovative features that streamline workflows and improve the user experience. Often, we find that users aren’t aware of these features. Here are 3 Windows 10 tips to streamline and customize your workday.
A man suffering from common hardware issues

3 common hardware issues (and how to fix them yourself)

Check out this quick list of 3 common hardware issues we've all experienced and simple tips on how you can overcome these issues yourself.